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June 21st, 2013 - Derik in Minnesota

Jun. 21st, 2013

02:18 pm - [Transformers][Color Models] Unreleased Generation 2 Seekers

I've been doing up some Color Models again, so I decided to do the Generation 2 Seekers. (Decepticon Jets.)
There were 6 Seekers in the Generation 1 toyline, 3 classic-type and 3 "coneheads" that had different kinds of wings.

The Generation 2 toyline only released 2 Seeker toys; recolors of Starscream and Ramjet:

Garish Chick

Story over? ...not quite. We've seen 4 prototypes for unproduced G2 Seekers that seem to have been slated for G2's 4th year had it not been canceled. And unlike Starscream and Ramjet they're new characters.
Click to see the unproduced G2 SeekersCollapse )

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